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Welcome to the Dongsan Museum

preserving the history and culture of our people even they may be small and insignificant

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  • What kind of experiences do you have in the Dongsan Museum?

    Dongsan Museum has a children's home and a creative experience program that adjusts the eye level with Wona, a kindergarten.
    You can explore the fingertips of a sandal fly, make mud and paint flowers, print handfading, printing experience, folk games, traditional games, woodland museums, flowers, grass colors, petals, and other various experiences such as well as experience
  • What artifacts are displayed in the Dongsan Museum?

    The Dongsan Museum houses a wide range of relics, including 1,000 earthenware and earthenware vessels, 500 onggi, 1,000 pottery pieces, 2,500 pieces including celadon, Buncheong ware, and white porcelain, 800 pieces of stone relics such as gyoji and ancient books, and 500 pieces of wood porridge.
  • What kind of museum is Dongsan?

    Dongsan Museum is a museum for children and teens who collect, preserve, exhibit, study, and educate the Korean people on earthenware vessels, ceramics, vestiges and stone artifacts that have shared joy and sorrow for thousands of years.
Addr : 108-8, Jeonggwangteo 1-gil, Banpo-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
Responsibility : Jeong Bok Lee Telephone : 82-41-858-5009