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Welcome to the Dongsan Museum

preserving the history and culture of our people even they may be small and insignificant


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    The museum contains a various collection, including fire pot-style earthenware, three-legged earthenware and Golho(Baekje), Janggyeongho and Gidae(Silla), Jeongbyung bottle and Maebyung bottle (Goryeo), Yangiho and turtle-shaped water pot (Joseon), Liquor pot and Yak earthenware steamer(modern age) etc. There are diverse kinds of traditional braziers(totalling about 70 items) including an unglazed fire pot, brass fire pot and an iron pot etc.

    Earthenware : 1,000 Items, Porcelain(Celadon, Buncheong ware, White porcelain, Blue and white porcelain) : 1,000 Items, Onggi : 500 Items, Stone : 800 Items, Old book and old document : 3,500 Items, Wood : 300 Items, Metal : 200 Items

    Duck-shaped Vessels, Earthenware, Silla Spindle whorl clay Pottery Stand Mounted Cup, pottery Red Small Jar, clay Tripod Pottery Jar, pottery Celadon Bowl, Goryeo Dynasty Celadon Jar Celadon Bottle Celadon Oil Bottle Celadon Maebyeong Buncheong Jar, Joseon Dynasty Buncheong Bowl Buncheong Bottle with Lotus Scroll in Underglaze Iron Brown Buncheong Flattened Bottle White Porcelain Water Ewer, Goryeo Dynasty White Porcelain Jar White Porcelain Bowl Blue and White Porcelain Jar Epitaph Ceramics, White Porcelain Memorial Tablet, Ceramics Ceramic doll, Joseon Dynasty White Porcelain Mountain-shaped Water Dropper in Underglaze Cobalt Blue, White Porcelain Bottle White Porcelain Ritual Vessel White Porcelain Jar with Cloud and Dragon Design in Underglaze Cobalt Blue Blackish Brown-glazed Bottle Bronze Kundika Bottle, Goryeo Dynasty Bronze Buddhist Bell Copper Vajra Bell Bronze Spoon and Bronze Chopsticks Copper Medicine Spoon Bronze Lidded Bowl Bronze Mirror Bronze Candlestick Brass Scissors, Joseon Dynasty Old book Portrait of Kim Jangsaeng Portrait of Seo Myungeung Official Register from the Joseon Dynasty Inheritance Document Household Register, Paper Map, Joseon Dynasty Korea's seokin(Stone Statues of Human Beings) Dongjaseok(Stone Statue of Young Boy) Beoksu(Totem poles) Mungwanseok(Stone statue of civil official) Hyangroseok Stone Pagoda Stone Axes, Neolithic Period Semilunar Stone Knife, Bronze Age Polished Stone Axe Epitaph, Stone, Joseon Dynasty Stone Scale Weight, Joseon Dynasty Wood Furniture, Joseon Dynasty Wooden Inkstone Case Writing desk Woodcarving statue Rectangular Chest Four-shelved Stand(Book Chest) Woodblock for a Book Ivory Hand-Holding Board, Joseon Dynasty
Addr : 108-8, Jeonggwangteo 1-gil, Banpo-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
Responsibility : Jeong Bok Lee Telephone : 82-41-858-5009