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Welcome to the Dongsan Museum

preserving the history and culture of our people even they may be small and insignificant


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    Dear Visitors,

    As Director General, I would like to welcome you to the Dong-San Museum, where history and culture are alive. The Dong-San Museum is a museum to help visitors better appreciate Korean history and culture. We provide educational and cultural opportunities to better understand and experience the traditional Korean culture.

    Since its establishment in 1997, the Dong-San Museum has primarily investigated and researched Korean culture, while having has acquired, preserved, and exhibited Korean cultural artifacts. By fostering artistic and cultural sensitivity, it is a place that helps us fully appreciate and enjoy culture.

    In order to truly know the history and culture of a country, you must visit its museums. It is there that you will find traces of the lives of the past, which enable us to better understand the present and anticipate the future. Visitors to the museum can understand and appreciate Korean history and culture through diverse experiences, events, and exhibitions.

    The Dong-San Museum strives to provide visitors with the most entertaining and informative cultural experiences, introducing various cultures through an array of exhibitions and informative programs. The museum’s vast collection is presented in rotating displays in our permanent exhibition hall. We also regularly feature major special exhibitions on important themes, and provide exciting educational programs for children. Our open air museum is the place for a leisurely stroll during any season of the year.

    We will continue to collect, preserve, and research exceptional artifacts. These endeavors will help us create fabulous exhibitions and educational programs. The Dong-San Museum pledges to be a museum that all visitors can have meaningful experience. We hope that you have a memorable time with your family and friends while enjoying our many cultural programs. Thank you very much.

Addr : 108-8, Jeonggwangteo 1-gil, Banpo-myeon, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
Responsibility : Jeong Bok Lee Telephone : 82-41-858-5009